Pocket Zoo Animal Puzzle Shapes

Pocket Zoo Animal Puzzle Shapes


Pocket Zoo Animal Puzzle Shapes

Teach your kids the names and sounds of animals while having fun. Come and play with these cute zoo animals!

Ideal to teach the kids to know shapes, compose images and recognize animals. Happy Zoo Animals is a universal app for iPad/iPhone/iPod.

With this game the kids must use the various shapes composing the animals, solving a simple and fun puzzle.
Happy Zoo Animals is an application which will take you or your child to the magical world of the farm animals.

Animals include:

– Giraffe
– Elephant
– Monkey
– Zebra
– Parrot
– Crocodile
– Lion
– Tiger
– Crab
– Shark
– Fish
– Turtle


– Learning new words
– Your child can play with the animals
– Simple and fast puzzle, easy even for kids in their early years
– Nice background and interactive sounds for actions
– Easy to use and control
– iPhone 5 tall screen support

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