123 Connect Toys

123 Connect Toys

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123 Connect Toys

Learn new words, learn how to draw and count!
Join dots and see what is hidden under the mysteriously arranged digits!
123 Connect the Dots Toys and Motors – Learn how to count Numbers is a universal app for iPad/iPhone/iPod.
Free Educational game for Toddlers and Preschoolers…your kids can draw cute animals and learn counting numbers

Your child has six categories to choose:

– Food: pizza, donut, ice cream etc…
– Toys: teddy bear, rubber duck, etc…
– Beach: Beach umbrella, sunglasses, etc…
– Air: airplane, helicopter, rocket, etc…
– School: pen, ruler, pencil etc…
– Street: police car, school bus, train, etc…


– Learning numbers
– Create amazing pictures tracing and connect the dots
– Puzzles are solved by drawing on the numbers in the right order!
– Easy to use and control
– iPhone 5 tall screen support

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